Observatory 2.0.7

In this latest update to Observatory the search field in the toolbar collapses into a button to make room for other items, and it can be used to filter images by the value of their object name attribute. Another change is that images can be sorted by many more fields. Added were sensor temperature, focal length, aperture diameter, azimuth, altitude, album, source folder path, and telescope/camera/guider/observer/observatory name.

A behavioral change of the Quick Look extension is that it now skips the automatic debayering of an image if it is a bias, dark or flat calibration frame. And when importing images you may notice that the FITS HISTORY headers are not added to notes anymore. To see the contents of these headers just choose Image ▸ Show Master FITS Header (⌥⌘I). A description of other changes and bug fixes can be found in the release notes.