Review of Observatory in Sky & Telescope

S&T Test Report

It’s always truly exciting when one of your products is reviewed, and especially if it is in a major astronomy publication like Sky & Telescope. If you have not done so, please check out the S&T Test Report section on pages 60–63 of the March 2018 Sky & Telescope.

After reading the review, there’s a few items I wanted to point out:

  • Explicitly adding a source folder is only necessary if you want to selectively import images of that folder. The reason for this two-step process is that Observatory is sandboxed, i.e., macOS prevents it from accessing any file or folder unless explicitly permitted by the user.

  • We have received a few reports of problems with the plate solver and image registration. These issues will be addressed in the next maintenance update (1.2.1). Please make sure to always report any such issues.

Thank you Sky & Telescope and Richard S. Wright, Jr. for the review!