new to Observatory -- can't import images?

Started by airscottdenning, January 26, 2019, 03:00:51 PM

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I have just purchased Observatory for the mac. I can set up source folders, but only a few images (.jpgs and .tiff files) appear in my library. Most of my images are .xisf files which I produce through post processing in PixInsight. I can't import these even one at a time.

Can somebody explain how to import images into my library?

Sander Berents

Do they have the .xisf extension? Will they import if you drop a folder with .xisf files onto the Observatory icon in the Dock? If not, then please share one with using Dropbox for example, so I can investigate the issue. I have no trouble importing xisf files myself.
Sander Berents
Code Obsession, LLC


I am able to import images just fine. Please excuse my newbie error and frustration.

The key I had not understood was that I *first* needed to add each source folder *before* I could import images.

Thank you VERY much for responding, especially over the weekend.