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Started by RogueSquadron, July 22, 2018, 11:51:42 AM

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I have here a couple of images that got right out of PixInsight, I would like to collect them in Observatory. Photometric matching worked flawlessly in PixInsight, however I wanted to rematch them in Obervatory as it does not take the stored information in the images correctly.

I can't get Observatory to get the matching right. I tried both normal matching, blind matching, most of the settings, full upload, stars only, gave the online server one hour time. Nothing seem to work.

Sander Berents

Did you save them with the FITS header data? When saving in XISF format make sure to check "FITS header keywords" in the Embedded Data section of the XISF Options dialog in PixInsight.

When I plate solve one of my images with PixInsight, save it in XISF format, and then import it, Observatory has no issues recognizing the WCS headers.

If you still have problems matching the images with Observatory, then please share them using DropBox with, so I can take a look.

Sander Berents
Code Obsession, LLC


It has no problems reading the header and shows the solved images, but the marks are slightly off. e.g. marks for clusters show just next to the cluster but not on it.

I will look for an appropriate photo and share.