Scaling the thumbnails bar in Browser and Editor/ Dynamic Scale

Started by avalondria2050, January 09, 2023, 12:53:47 PM

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It would be great if the upper bar over the thumbnails in the "Browser and Editor" view could be moved up and down, scaling the thumbnails at the same time. When the thumbnails are scaled with the slider, half of the image appears off the interface. So moving and scaling at the same time with the upper bar would be helpful. Similar behavior that you get with the side bars for the panels, but with scaling.

Talking about scaling, it would be great to have dynamic scale with the mouse in the preview area. Right now the scale jumps in too much and sometimes you want something in the middle ( not 10,25,50 or 100 but 40,68 or 80 percent ). Something just like the dynamic scale in Apple Motion using a shortcut combine with the mouse would be nice addition.

Thank you



Sander Berents

You should be able to zoom in/out to any scale with the zoom gesture and mouse scroll wheel. If that doesn't work for you, please check your Mouse & Trackpad System Preferences/Settings.
Sander Berents
Code Obsession, LLC


Thank you for your fast replay.

At least with the Apple Magic Mouse and macOS Ventura, the behavior when scrolling with the "middle" gesture is panning the image, not zooming. If I use the Option key it zooms in and out with the "middle" gesture but it jumps from 50% to 6% or even 100% to 6%, no other levels in the middle. That's why I said that a softer dynamic zoom would be nice. I would like to show you and example with Apple Motion, but any file I could create is bigger than the attachment limit.


I'm trying with a regular mouse with 3 buttons and it zooms using Option key adding 10% in every middle button's turn. More levels than the Magic Mouse for sure. Not the dynamic zoom I was suggesting, but closer. Also trying with the MacBook Pro trackpad and the zoom have more levels too. So it seems the Magic Mouse is the less compatible option here.