The Attachments Panel

During an observation session you often take notes in a text document, or you might have collected research papers for some of the objects in an image or album. With Observatory you can attach these files to images and collections, so you can quickly look into or open them while working in Observatory.

To attach a file to an album, select the album and choose Collection ▸ Attach File…. You are presented with a Dialog where you can select the file or files to attach. Usually you would link the attachments, but you can also decide to embed them in the library by selecting Embed the file in the library instead of the default Create a link to the file. Click the Select button to attach the file or files.

Note that when embedding attachments, Observatory will make sure that if you attach the same file to multiple collections or image versions, it will only embed it once.

The attachments appear in the Attachments Panel along the right edge of Observatory’s window. It has a disclosure button at its left which, when clicked, reveals and hides the panel. The click area actually covers the whole panel’s title bar, so you don’t have to be too accurate when clicking. Alternatively you can choose View ▸ Inspectors ▸ Show/Hide Attachments.

Collection Attachment
Collection Attachment

You can attach files to folders, albums and smart albums. These kinds of attachments are indicated in the panel with the appropriate icon for the collection type. If you see a curly arrow next to it, you know it is a linked attachment, and not an embedded one.

Similarly you can attach files to individual image versions. Select the images in the Browser and choose Image ▸ Attach File…. If you have the album selected at the same time, you still have the choice to attach it to the album instead of the individual images.

Image Attachment
Image Attachment

An alternative to using the main menu for attaching files is clicking the + button in the Attachments panel. Here you can also remove attachments, by selecting them and clicking the - button.

The Attachments panel displays a thumbnail of the attachment, and you can look at it up-close by selecting the attachment and clicking the eye-button. This will open a standard Quick Look window.

More options can be found in the action menu of the panel, as well as the contextual menu:

The Import Dialog contains an Attach other files option, which is enabled by default, that will have Observatory attach (link) any file that is not an image to the generated collections.